Hawaii Visitor Satisfaction Reaches Pre-Pandemic Levels

Hawaii Visitor Satisfaction Reaches Pre-Pandemic Levels

According to a new report released by the Hawaiian Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT), visitor satisfaction to the islands reached pre-pandemic levels during the first quarter of 2022.

Using responses collected from approximately 3,800 travelers from the U.S. and Canada who traveled there during the first quarter of 2022, the department found that the majority of travelers rated their trip as “excellent.”


Travelers from the U.S. East rated their trips the highest, with 89.2 percent agreeing their trips were excellent. 87.7 percent of travelers from the U.S. West rated their trips excellent, too, while 86.6 percent of Canadian travelers rated their trips the same.

These levels reflect pre-pandemic levels of traveler satisfaction.

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First-time visitors and travelers under the age of 35 showed the most satisfaction from their trips.

Though visitor satisfaction has reached pre-pandemic levels, the number of travelers who’d like to return to Hawai’i in the next five years has declined across the board; travelers cite the high cost of traveling to Hawai’i as the main factor for this decline.

Visitor satisfaction is a key performance indicator in the Hawai’i Tourism Authority’s Strategic Plan. Other performance indicators that are used to measure the state’s tourism health and growth are average daily visitor spending, total visitor spending and resident satisfaction.

“The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s comprehensive approach to destination management places the community’s needs first and foremost,” said HTA President and CEO John De Fries. “We aim to foster the right balance in which Hawai‘i’s residents, natural resources and culture can thrive, and visitors can have a meaningful, enriching experience.”

An essential component of Hawai‘i’s sustained recovery, the increase in visitor satisfaction during the first quarter is attributable to the numerous, hardworking individuals in our community – from the flight attendants and front desk agents to the stewards of our natural and cultural resources to the musicians and entertainers, and the shop owners and restaurant servers,” continued De Fries.

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