Holiday Inn Brands Expand Into Europe With New Openings

Holiday Inn Brands Expand Into Europe With New Openings

The Holiday Inn Brand Family, part of IHG Hotels & Resorts’ Essentials brands, has celebrated recent openings in cities and near airports across Europe this year, with plenty more in development.

Comprising Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn Club Vacations hotels, the Holiday Inn Brand Family is becoming a staple at airports across the globe.


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France’s Holiday Inn Express Nice – Grand Arenas has just celebrated its opening, as did the Holiday Inn Dublin Airport, with 421 rooms just ten minutes away from the airport’s main terminals.

The Holiday Inn Express Madrid Airport is set to open in late 2023, while the Holiday Inn Express Seville Airport will open earlier that same year. In Italy, the Holiday Inn Express Rome will open in 2023, while in Turkey, the Holiday Inn Express Ankara Airport will open in 2022.

The Holiday Inn Brand Family has 282 open hotels across Europe, with 4,266 open hotels worldwide.

“We’re delighted to keep growing our Holiday Inn Brand Family across Europe. These recent signings and openings at key airport locations across the market are the perfect demonstration of the popularity of these brands amongst owners and guests alike,” said Willemijn Geels, Vice President Development, Europe, IHG Hotels & Resorts.

“For our owners and investors, our Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express brands have demonstrated real resilience in these tougher times – accounting for more than half of all new IHG Hotels & Resorts signings in 2020 and 60% of new openings despite the challenges of COVID-19. We understand that from our guests’ perspectives, these trusted brands provide a consistent, reliable and warm experience which has come to define True Hospitality.”

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