Hong Kong Eases COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Hong Kong Eases COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Hong Kong eased some of the world’s strictest COVID-19 entry protocols on Monday, eliminating its quarantine requirement for international travelers.

The new “0+3” arrangements for inbound travelers from overseas and Taiwan through Hong Kong International Airport mean that travelers no longer need to submit a negative PCR test prior to boarding their flights and no longer need to quarantine at a hotel for three days prior to a medical surveillance period of four days.


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Now, travelers must present a negative rapid antigen test 24 hours prior to boarding and self-monitor themselves for three days upon arrival.

During this period, visitors must avoid establishments such as restaurants or bars. However, they are otherwise free to walk around and explore the destination. Travelers are also required to take PCR tests on days 2, 4 and 6 after arrival, and take a rapid antigen test every day for the first week after arrival.

“The new arrangements mark Hong Kong’s re-opening as a tourism gateway with significant international connections,” Dr. Pang Yiu-kai, Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), said in a statement. “This is expected to initially attract mainly business travelers, family visitors and returning Hong Kong residents. In addition, travelers are no longer required to take a PCR test before boarding flights to Hong Kong, and upon arrival, they can head directly to their home or chosen hotel to await the test results.”

“The new arrangements will allow greater convenience and flexibility for travelers.”

To view the current entry rules and restrictions for travel to Hong Kong or other parts of the world, check out our interactive COVID-19 map:

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