Hotel Survey Shows Room Revenue for Holidays Outpacing 2019 Totals

Hotel Survey Shows Room Revenue for Holidays Outpacing 2019 Totals

With leisure travel continuing to soar, a new study found that travelers are prioritizing experiences and connections this holiday travel season, with room revenue pacing 30 percent ahead of 2019 for resort locations worldwide.

The survey by the Hyatt Hotels Corporation found that nearly two-thirds of people traveling with families prefer to stay at a hotel or resort rather than a home rental, as the properties deliver on the festive spirit with seasonal decor, food, music and more.


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Data also showed that 94 percent of adults ages 45+ are planning to travel in December and 58 percent in January, indicating that connecting with loved ones is top of mind for travelers.

Another 61 percent of respondents noted they would be excited to receive travel or an experience such as a vacation, plane tickets, spa day, meditation session or a cooking class as a gift this year instead of a traditional present.

With leisure travel continuing to increase and many borders now open around the world, 62 percent of travelers said the winter holiday travel period is a great time to cross off a bucket list destination, with some of the most popular destinations being Japan, Canada and Italy.

Sixty-two percent of survey respondents said they would use a travel rewards program that lets them earn and redeem points, offers discounts and features unique experiences. Another 51 percent said if there were an impressive travel rewards program offer, they would change their plans or go out of their way to earn and redeem points.

While some travelers may seek a reprieve from the cold in sunny destinations, 56 percent of respondents agree that it doesn’t feel like the festive season without snow.

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