How to Navigate Detours as Pennsylvania Unveils Plans to Reopen I-95 After Collapse

How to Navigate Detours as Pennsylvania Unveils Plans to Reopen I-95 After Collapse

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 11:05 AM ET, Thu June 15, 2023

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and Governor
Josh Shapiro have unveiled plans to repair and reopen the northbound and southbound
lanes of Interstate
in Philadelphia that were damaged in a fire caused by a tanker truck

According to The
Associated Press
, Gov. Shapiro spoke at the site of the I-95 bridge
collapse, saying that the demolition of northbound and southbound lanes of the
overpass would be completed on Thursday.

Once the area is clear of debris, Pennsylvania will use
recycled glass to fill in the collapsed space, allowing workers to quickly
repave the three lanes in both directions to avoid potential supply-chain

The glass aggregate that will be used to fill the gap—which
measures roughly 100 feet long and 150 feet wide—will be made and shipped by
local company AeroAggregates
of North America
. The factory mills glass bottles and jars from landfills
into a powder and heats the substance to produce lightweight nuggets of foam
strong enough for construction.

“We’re going to get this job done as quickly as possible,”
Gov. Shapiro said. “This approach will allow us to avoid delays due to shipping
and supply chain issues and pursue a simple, quicker path.”

After I-95 reopens to traffic, PennDOT will build a
replacement bridge next to the backfilled overpass, where traffic will
eventually be rerouted while the actual overpass is rebuilt. Gov. Shapiro did
not unveil a timeline for the project or when travelers would be allowed back
on the road.

United States President Joe Biden said the federal
government would aid
in the reconstruction efforts
, as traffic in the area has become a
nightmare for locals and trucking companies ahead of the busy summer travel

For travelers heading southbound on I-95, PennDOT and Philadelphia
officials developed a detour that calls to get off on the Cottman Avenue exit,
turn right on Bleigh Street, make a left onto State Road and re-enter the
highway at State Road and Longshore Avenue.

On the northbound side, drivers will exit at Aramingo Avenue,
turn right at Tacony Street, follow the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge loop to New State
Road and re-enter I-95 at Milnor Street.

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