IHG Hotels & Resorts Introduces New Wi-Fi Auto Connect Feature

IHG Hotels & Resorts Introduces New Wi-Fi Auto Connect Feature

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 12:25 PM ET, Thu June 1, 2023

IHG Hotels & Resorts announced the launch of a new
mobile product feature, dubbed IHG Wi-Fi Auto Connect.

The new internet feature will automatically connect IHG One
Rewards members to Wi-Fi upon arrival at more than 5,000 of the company’s hotels
around the world. The feature is available through the IHG One Rewards mobile
app for iOS and Android users.

Guests who opt into IHG Wi-Fi Auto Connect via their mobile
devices will join the internet upon entering a hotel without having to worry
about separate login codes or passwords, saving time and ensuring a better user

A one-time set-up is required via the app to enable auto
connection via settings.

“We know that our guests expect seamless instant
connectivity and convenience, especially when it comes to Wi-Fi,” IHG Senior
Vice President Brian McGuinness said. “At IHG, we are constantly looking for
ways to enhance the guest experience, and IHG Wi-Fi Auto Connect is just one
example of how we’re doing that.”

“The solution will deliver IHG One Rewards members with even
better connectivity and a seamless experience across 5,000+ hotels around the
world,” McGuinness said.

In addition to the improved Wi-Fi experience, the app has
enhancements, including a new lock screen widget feature on iOS that allows
visitors to see their points balance and upcoming stays from the lock screen
and quickly launch the app.

The app also recently launched booking features allowing
guests to select room enhancements during booking, including rooms with
specific views or more space. 

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