JetBlue CEO Says Over-Hiring Is the Way To Beat Staff Shortages

JetBlue Expanding With More Planes, More Routes

JetBlue Airways is looking to expand – even more than its already-announced deal to acquire Spirit Airlines.

The New York-based JetBlue is seeking to add more airplanes and more routes, particularly to Europe, as it builds toward next year and beyond.


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According to an article published by the Wall Street-centric The Street, JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes has his eyes on Europe after a successful launch of the airline’s foray into flights to London. And more routes, especially international, also means more planes.

JetBlue has plans for that, too.

The Street reported that Hayes wants to add six more Airbus A321LR planes before the end of this year. The goal is to eventually have 26 A321LRs and its long-range sister plane, the A321XLR.

“We see an opportunity out of New York and Boston to fly to a number of European markets, and we are confidently progressing with those plans,” he said.

Adding planes and routes is normally not ‘man bites dog’ news for the industry, but it’s good news for JetBlue at the moment as it comes at a tenuous time for the airline. JetBlue and American Airlines are currently facing a trial after the Department of Justice and six states filed suit over the two carriers’ ‘Northeast Alliance.’ The Alliance covers the New York and Boston markets, two of the largest in the country, and the DOJ believes it constitutes a monopoly.

Moreover, JetBlue will also soon be facing more government scrutiny. The airline’s acquisition of Spirit Airlines, officially approved by Spirit shareholders earlier this month, still has to gain regulatory approval, so much will depend on the outcome of the DOJ trial.

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