JetBlue Secures Slots With 'Historical' Rights at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport

JetBlue Secures Slots With ‘Historical’ Rights at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Here’s some good news for JetBlue Airways.

The airline seems to be spending most of its time in court lately, with the trial last month to try to keep the Northeast Alliance with American Airlines together not to mention its upcoming fall trial regarding its proposed merger with Spirit Airlines.

But it has been advised that it will continue to receive landing rights and gates at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. JetBlue just started the route from its Boston and New York locations this year.

With it, comes another piece of good news.

The rights to land are permanent.

That is, the Dutch ruled that JetBlue now has what they call “historical” rights. It can continue to operate in Amsterdam as long as the airline exists. It does not have to reapply for gates every winter. The gates are now permanent.

However, a Dutch regulator, said that JetBlue does not have such permanency for the summer and has to reapply for gates.  

The permanent landing slots and gates for the summer, which is the most popular and crowded time in Amsterdam, will come in due time. Again, it is contingent upon JetBlue maintaining the route.

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