Learn to Sell Saudi Arabia

Learn to Sell Saudi Arabia

Clients are always looking for the next destinations to explore and travel advisors have the answer with Saudi Arabia. The “Journey Through Arabia” webinar, which took place on September 27, 2022, and was presented by Travel Weekly and Travel Age West is now available on-demand.

During the presentation, travel advisors are able to learn about this emerging destination, which has opened its doors to the world.


The webinar, hosted by Brigid McDonnell, International Market Director, Americas for the Saudi Tourism Authority and MaryPat Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Northstar Travel Group, the parent company of TravelPulse, defines the Saudi experience for guests and showcases the regions’ most notable attractions as well as its hidden gems.

Street in Saudi Arabia at night. (photo via Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage)

The 50-minute broadcast also features information on Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the cultural and societal transformation taking place inside the country.

Saudi Arabia is making significant commitments to tourism and tourism infrastructure within the country that includes the development of hotels, an expansion of cruise ports, entertainment offerings and more.

Old Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia
PHOTO: Old Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia. (Photo via ActiveSteve / flickr)

Curious clients can be among the first to experience Saudi Arabia as a leisure destination but, as those who view the webinar will see, the region has a history that dates back to the dawn of human civilization and there is much to discover in the country, including archeological and historical wonders that are more than 10,000 years old. Saudi Arabia has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a diverse range of adventures available during every season.

Travel advisors taking part in the webinar can also find information on a fam trip to Saudi Arabia, where they can learn firsthand how this destination is taking off. The trip will take place in December of this year.

The webinar is available at this link for the next 12 months.

For more information on Saudi Arabia, visit their tourism hub here.

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