Let Travel Agent Academy Direct Your Gaze to Sarasota, Florida's Artistic Masterpiece

Let Travel Agent Academy Direct Your Gaze to Sarasota, Florida’s Artistic Masterpiece

As a top Florida destination, Sarasota is truly a masterpiece of both the Gilded Age and contemporary times. It combines stunning architecture and top cultural institutions — some of which are the legacy of early 20th-century philanthropists like circus magnate John Ringling and his wife, Mable — with a contemporary creative spirit and beautiful coastal surroundings. While Southwestern Florida makes a determined recovery from recent hurricane activity, Sarasota County’s communities, which largely escaped the worst of the storm, have been steadily reopening as safety precautions allow. It is now time to put Sarasota back on your radar as the perfect travel recommendation for your discerning clients — couples, groups and families! Read on to see more of what it offers. 


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