Lindblad Expeditions Adds Antarctica Departures & Free Air

Lindblad Expeditions Updates Health and Safety Protocols

Lindblad Expeditions announced changes to the cruise line’s health and safety protocols to better align with the updated industry norms.

Lindblad’s Global Policy team continues to review these changes and adjust their protocols to match the latest guidance, with updates regarding vaccination requirements, pre-cruise testing and masking.


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All health and safety protocols are subject to change and may vary due to local regulations in the countries visited.

Starting with voyages departing on September 1, booster shots are no longer required for guests but will be strongly recommended, while guests four years of age and under will no longer be required to be vaccinated.

In addition, masks will now be optional for guests on all ships, but the cruise line will continue to provide facial coverings for guests and still strongly recommends them.

As for sailings departing October 1 or later, passengers will no longer need to test for coronavirus before leaving home and will no longer be tested at embarkation. Lindblad still strongly recommends that guests test before their sailing.

COVID-19 testing may still be required for vaccinated passengers in advance of cruises to certain countries, or if traveling on the Sea Cloud or Delfin ll that may mandate their own health and safety protocols.

To help travelers understand the ever-changing coronavirus landscape within the cruise industry, TravelPulse has developed an updated list of vaccine and testing requirements for all major cruise lines.

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