Low-Cost Airline Arajet Debuts in Mexico

Low-Cost Airline Arajet Debuts in Mexico

Arajet arrives in Mexico with an offer of 800 seats per week, which translates into three flights per week to Santo Domingo from Mexico City’s Felipe ángeles International Airport (AIFA) on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This periodicity will allow travelers to travel to the Dominican Republic for $249 round trip, taxes included.

Vicente Pacheco, CEO and Founder of Arajet says the new route to AIFA has been the best seller among its 18 destinations, despite some skeptics. “We have no doubt how successful this airport will be, and we are going to support it,” he mentions. The first flight landed with 90 percent occupancy; by November, the airline will have a fourth frequency.


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“Since we saw the Felipe Angeles airport, we fell in love. It is an airport with which we intend to continue growing until we have a daily frequency,” says Pacheco.

Mexico Is a Huge Bet

In addition to the vast network of connections for its passengers, Arajet has the best fleet in the region with state-of-the-art technology. This technology allows them to provide safe operations with the lowest fuel consumption and environmental impact. The airline maintains five eco-sustainable aircraft (777 MAX-8) that consume 14 percent less fuel than single-aisle aircraft.

Arajet will complement its connecting offer between Mexico and the Dominican Republic with two additional routes as of September 30. The brand will reach Monterrey and Cancun, destinations to which it will be operating three times a week.

Pacheco pointed out that Mexico is a huge bet for the low-cost airline that offers world-class service. The goal is to connect the American continent with point-to-point, non-stop flights through the needs of the new traveler and with the lowest fares in the market.

Pacheco notes that the airline will serve 20 destinations before the end of the year.

María Isabel Castillo Baez, ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Mexico, expresses her satisfaction with the airline’s ambitious plan to materialize in such a short time.

A Real Opportunity

“The greater air connectivity offered by Arajet with the inauguration of flights to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, in addition to its low costs, present a real opportunity to position the region in extra-regional markets as a true multi-destination travel option,” she says.

Miguel Torruco Marques, Secretary of Tourism, says the airline will strengthen Mexico’s air connectivity with other countries. And that the airline will also contribute to the recovery of the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

The Secretary of Tourism indicated that this new route is integrated into the 46 daily flights operated by AIFA, whose capacity will serve 85 million passengers per year and perform around 3 million tons of cargo annually.

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