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Man Busted in Airline Ticket Scam

A man who tried to sell fraudulent Delta Air Lines tickets has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and wire fraud, according to a local Atlanta television station and the Department of Justice.

He was caught, apparently, because he did not give Delta its required compensation.


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In fact, during a year-long span that began in 2016 when he was a ticket specialist in Minnesota, Kquil Muhammad allegedly gave away more than 200 tickets worth more than $440,000 to friends and family.

“Muhammad exploited his position of trust at Delta to enrich himself by selling fraudulent tickets,” said U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan, in a statement. “He was even bold enough to use his personal email address as the contact person for some of the illegal transactions.”

Sentencing for Muhammad is scheduled for June 7. The FBI is also investigating the case to see if there are any more fraudulent tickets out there other than the 200+ that he sold.

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