Martinique, the French Gem of the Caribbean

Martinique, the French Gem of the Caribbean

Martinique, belonging to France, is located in the heart of the Caribbean. It is a privileged place with fabulous beaches, turquoise sea, sugarcane plantations, mountains, rum, and a great historical past that visitors enjoy as they walk its streets to admire the architecture of its ancient buildings as well as its vast culture.

Here we present the most emblematic places of this island where Josefina de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, was born.


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Fort de France

The capital of Martinique is a splendid place to walk through cobbled streets and visit places like the Saint Louis Cathedral and the Park of La Savane where the statue of Empress Joséphine is located. The Fort de France area boasts cozy venues for visitors to enjoy the island’s finest cuisine and sample the great rum produced in Martinique.

In addition, very close tourists will find the golden sandy beaches, Anses d’Arlet, which is one of the best that can be found on the island. Also, a must for tourists are the ruins of the Chateau Dubuc, one of the most popular historical places, located on the Peninsula of Caravelle.

Fort de France Great Market

Here, tourists will find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from all over the island. For food lovers, it is a privilege to visit this market because they can find high-quality products such as vanilla, spices, peppers, and energy infusions such as the famous bois bandé, among many others. Its restaurants offer exquisite food with recipes of typical local dishes like crab, grilled fish, accra (cod), lambi (West Indian mollusk), chicken colombo, and chatrou (octopus), to name a few.

The Fort de France area boasts cozy venues for visitors to enjoy the island’s finest cuisine and taste great rum. (Photo by Brian Major).

Morne Larcher Mountain

This mountain is perfect for those who like to walk along paths to exercise and breathe fresh air amid the best of nature. From the heights of Morne Larcher, the visitor enjoys a spectacular view of the emblematic Diamond Rock, Diamond Beach, and the Island of Sainte Lucie. One of the most recommended routes is Anse Marigot, Saint-Pierre, which takes just over three hours. This route is open all year round and has a guide service for visitor safety.

Jet ski in Fort de France Martinique
Martinique offers countless places to enjoy water sports.

Anse Couleuvre Beach

It is located north of Martinique and has crystal clear water, soft sand, and the best sunsets on the island. It is a perfect place to spend the day diving or snorkeling to admire the fabulous marine fauna that this place offers. The coast is gray, covered with volcanic sand with a few rocks and an area of lush vegetation and rich natural life. From the beach, visitors can see the island of La Perle, home to numerous sea snakes and tropical fish of all kinds. Here tourists tend to picnics to enjoy the sea and sunny days.

Le Robert Bay

This area is full of interesting little islands that can be reached by kayak. Llet Chancel is highly recommended because is inhabited by thousands of endemic iguanas which can only be found on this site. For those who don’t have enough physical fitness to paddle around in a kayak, there is the option of the so-called Ti Canot, which is a small boat that can be rented for sailing in the area. It is one of the most interesting historical sites in Martinique. The village of Vert-Pré has a natural harbor where several legendary pirates fought several battles important place to visit is the parish of the village, which was founded in 1694 and which, in its origin was named Cul-de-Sac.

Fort de France at Martinique
Fort de France has golden sandy beaches with the best view of the island.


This fabulous island is full of waterfalls that tourists can visit after walking along lush tropical paths. One of the most recommended is the Didier Waterfalls following the Trace Route. Another popular one for the local population and foreign visitors is Saut du Gendarme where people can swim and spend an extraordinary day of adventure in the jungle.

One of the most spectacular is La Coulevre Waterfall with over 130 yards in height. Since it is located very close to La Coulevre beach, visitors can enjoy the sand of this beautiful beach of Martinique. Also highly recommended is George de la Falaise Waterfall, in Ajoupa-Bouillion, which consists of a series of rock formations with water jumps in a wide jungle area full of rich biodiversity.

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