Maui to Introduce ‘Modified” Health Pass

Maui to Introduce ‘Modified” Health Pass

Maui Mayor Michael Victorino is implementing a county-wide ‘health pass’ starting September 15 where visitors to restaurants must show proof of vaccination, according to Maui Now.

Victorino said the health pass is similar to, but not as restrictive as, the Safe Access Oahu program.


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The Oahu program is for restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, museums, arcades and other similar establishments. The Maui program is just for restaurants for now, although that could change.

“For Maui we have a modified version, where customers would be required to show vaccination–vaccination cards, or some sort of verification,” Victorino said during a press briefing hosted by Governor David Ige on Friday afternoon.

Those who don’t have proof of vaccination may be allowed to utilize outside seating areas or order take out as options.

Ige said the idea of a health pass, in which customers are required to provide proof they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to enter certain businesses, is something that is being handled differently on different islands.

“We certainly have been discussing whether we want to require employees and customers in targeted businesses to be vaccinated,” he said. “We are building the infrastructure to allow verification of vaccination–for those vaccinated in the islands. I do and have acknowledged, as we discussed this with all the mayors, that every county is different and that different actions might be necessary.”

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