Mexico Reports International Tourism Growth in September

Mexico Expects Surge in International Travelers in 2023

New data from the Mexican government revealed the country is expecting an estimated 40 million international travelers to visit this year.

According to Mexico News Daily, Mexico’s Tourism Secretary Miguel Torruco Marques said that government studies found that 39.4 million foreign tourists are expected to arrive in 2023.


The international traveler estimates would mark a 2.7 percent increase from the number of tourists reported in 2022, but would remain depressed by around 12.6 percent compared to the pre-pandemic totals in 2019.

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The Mexican government also revealed that it expects to earn around $790 per international tourist in 2023, an increase of 11.3 percent compared to last year and 26.8 percent more than earned the year before the coronavirus outbreak.

As for the airline industry, Torruco Marques said that 4.99 million international passengers went through Mexican airports in January, a 32.4 percent improvement from the same period in 2022. Domestic flights also increased 31.3 percent to 4.98 million.

The tourism industry is also expected to “contribute about 8.6 percent of Mexico’s overall GDP” this year, according to Mexico News Daily.

The region of Baja California, which comprises cities from Tijuana, near the Mexico-U.S. border, to the popular tourist region of Los Cabos, might see a new peninsular train development within four years connecting the area like never before, the Mexico Daily Post.

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