Mexico's Top 10 Trending Destinations

Mexico’s Top 10 Trending Destinations

Puebla, Veracruz, and Yucatán are the only states with two cities among the most mentioned Mexican cities for travel in 2023.

According to new data from, 2023 will be another big year for domestic tourism within Mexico. Compared to 2022, people are more optimistic about travel, with 82 percent of respondents saying that trips will always be worthwhile.


Despite the instability being felt globally, 2023 will be about creatively reimagining vacations, according to the travel website’s annual Seven Travel Predictions report.

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The report also identified the 10 Mexican destinations trending for travel in 2023, helping to create a travel agenda for the year ahead.

The information gathered was based on the opinion of the Mexican travel community and produced these 10 favorites:












Visit the artisan market in El Parián and purchase the best of Puebla’s and Mexico’s folk art at great prices. Typical candies, wooden toys, and all kinds of textiles from the towns surrounding Puebla will win you over.


Take a relaxing stroll through downtown Cholula and visit the Plaza de la Concordia. Here you will find Los Portales, a series of 46 arches built in 1573 and measuring 170 meters—considered the longest of their kind in Mexico. Board the Tourist Train and enjoy a special tour of the National Museum of Mexican Railroads, the archaeological zone, and the Regional Museum. You should know that this peculiar transportation connects the Historic Center of Puebla with the Magical Town of Cholula.


The first settlers of this city were of Totonaca origin. During the conquest, Hernan Cortes visited this city after his first visit to Tenochtitlan. During the viceroyalty, the Orizaba Valley became one of the most important towns for trade in New Spain.

History and nature live in perfect harmony in Orizaba, which is why traveling to this destination is worthwhile. What better way to learn about the history of Mexico than visiting the places where it was formed? That’s why you should go to the Municipal Palace, where you can see the only mural in the Mexican Southeast, created by Jose Clemente Orozco.


In the capital of Veracruz, be sure to take a walk in Juarez Park. It runs along the city’s first square, surrounded by the Government Palace, the Municipal Palace, and the cathedral. What is unique about this park is that it is always full of life.

Next, head to the Cueva de la Orquídea (Orchid Cave). There you will live a subway adventure where you can peek into a vast cavern created by volcanic lava, only for the brave. And we recommend you take a tour of the alleys. Several alleys in Xalapa are famous for the legends that circulate about them. Don’t miss the Callejón del Perro, the Callejón Jesús te Ampare, the Callejón del Diamante, and the Callejón de la Perla.

Aerial view of downtown Merida, Yucatan’s city square and cathedral. (photo via segarza / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


Merida’s main square is a must-see because here you will find the most important buildings like the Casa de Montejo, the Cathedral of San Ildefonso, the Macay Museum and the Pasaje de la Revolucion: a pedestrian walkway covered by a glass roof that connects the main square with the street behind the cathedral. You will also see works of art.

Palacio de Gobierno is where visitors can admire the 27 murals by painter Fernando Castro and enjoy a beautiful view of the plaza from the second floor, both during the day and at night, when everything is illuminated.

On Sundays, the Plaza is very busy. The streets are closed, and there are a few food and craft stalls for families to spend the day. You can watch La Jarana, a typical Yucatan dance, in the evening. On Mondays at 9 p.m., there is also the “Noche de Vaqueria,” featuring regional dances.


Valladolid, located in the state of Yucatan, is a beautiful colonial city surrounded by many cenotes. Being strategically located just a stone’s throw from Chichen Itza and close to many of Yucatan’s major tourist attractions, it has become a must-see on a trip to Mexico. In the center of the plaza are Francisco Cantón Rosado Park and La Mestiza, a fountain dedicated to Yucatecan women, which has become an emblem of the city.

It is a place with small souvenir kiosks and street food (try the marquesitas and churros), and sometimes there is even music and dancing. The square is flanked by colonial buildings with arches and has cafes with terraces.

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