Mexico's Top Destinations for Nature Lovers

Mexico’s Top Destinations for Nature Lovers

Mexico offers no shortage of spectacular natural attractions for travelers to experience when they venture beyond the country’s coastal resorts.

Here are seven routes to discover different scenarios in the interior of Mexico, where natural wonders are the main attraction.


Coffee Route, Chiapas

Chiapas has no equal. Magical Towns, foggy areas, and roads dense with nature that lead to one of the most beautiful alternative routes in Mexico: the Coffee Route. Among the jungle, vegetation unfolds a series of coffee farms that will show you to the epicenter of one of the best pleasures and a way of life that has been almost intact for centuries. The nights will be fantastic. The days will be booming in terms of natural sounds. This destination promises first-class hiking, flora, bird watching, mountain biking, horseback riding, and unforgettable sunsets.

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Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosí

In short, the Huasteca holds incredible secrets: enormous plants the size of a man, waterfalls, the product of natural faults that have made, for the fortune of travelers, paradises within everyone’s reach. The region is humid and breathes hot. In Ciudad Valles begins the Sierra del Abra Tanchipa Biosphere Reserve, where caves, caverns, and waterfalls with turquoise waters have formed.

In contrast, but consumed by the jungle, is the town of Xilitla and, in it, the trance of Edward James, poet, and sculptor who left whimsical constructions to get lost in for hours. Along the way, you will find cabins and invitations to practice ecotourism activities such as waterfall jumping, bird watching, and kayaking.

Mezcal Route, Oaxaca

Think colors, anafres with hot tortillas, archaeological sites, art galleries, churches with impressive facades, and even more. The significant expense of this travel plan is for the eyes, the ears, and the palate, no more. Oaxaca offers a route from which it is difficult to leave in earnest: the mezcal route. Tobalá, añejo, reposado, or in cream, mezcal will make you vibrate as much as the tour through key towns and their palenques. You can relax with balloon flights over the central valleys, horseback riding, and excursions along the Camino Real or Hierve el Agua.

Oaxaca offers a route from which it is difficult to leave in earnest: the mezcal route. (photo courtesy of Thompson Hotels)

Archaeological Route, Campeche

There is no better way to understand the jungle than by being part of it, walking under the foliage of slender trees full of saraguato monkeys. The experience in this region is priceless because here, you can understand the Mayan creativity and power in the flesh. The Calakmul Biosphere Reserve is one of the gateways to this fantastic ancient world revered by cultures of all times. Among the gifts of the area are hikes through ancient cities, campsites near refreshing lagoons, handicrafts, and, to top it all off, exceptional starry nights.

Costalegre Route, Jalisco

Usually, the best beaches and travel experiences are when you discover a little-known corner. Along the Costalegre, the miles merge with sensational proposals for food and fun. The sunsets range from blue to pink, while the towns appear between road curves and mountain areas. Playa de las Animas, Quimixto, or Yelapa, are paradises worth visiting. Here, kayaking, swimming in the calm sea, or diving in Majahuitas will be possible without any setbacks. As for food, the Pacific sea of Jalisco does not run out.

Witches’ Route, Veracruz

This region was taboo for a long time, where magic, nature, and man coexisted without limits. Today, it is one of the destinations dedicated to spirit and health. In turn, this travel project is multidisciplinary. On one hand, the Olmec presence, and, on the other, the Afro-American music, the artisans and clay, and the farmers growing huge tobacco leaves. Among the strategic recommendations is a visit to the Tres Zapotes archaeological zone, where you can listen to the sound of the Papaloapan River, walk among tobacco plantations, visit old factories and take boat rides. A visit to Nanciyaga is also advised.

Mountain Corridor, Hidalgo

Going off the beaten path can bring very satisfying surprises. One example is the state of Hidalgo, where there are fascinating places, an authentic Eden in the mountains. You can start in Epazoyucan and visit the Tuzoofari Zoo or the Peñas Cargadas Ecotourism Park. In Real del Monte, walk through the streets where one day, Mexican and English miners shared the pastes, the fog, and the cold of the mountain. Huasca, among many other reasons, is known for its ecotourism park, Hacienda de San Miguel Regla, and the Basaltic Prism.

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