MGM Resorts International Adjusts Video, Photo Policy at Casino Table Games

MGM Resorts International Adjusts Video, Photo Policy at Casino Table Games

There was a time when Las Vegas was like one big secretive society.

Part of the allure and what shaped that feeling was that you could not take videos or pictures in the casino.

That was a big no-no.

Now it appears to be a yes-yes. MGM Resorts International will allow some video recordings and photography at table games. It looks to be a nod to the new digital world.

MGM now wants people to record their success at the tables and for social media influencers to record and comment on their big winnings. It’s free advertising and free publicity.

According to a May memo obtained by, “The Gaming Streaming/Video/Photo Policy is launching for the Nevada properties in May 2023. The new policy is aimed at allowing our guests to take photos and videos, and, when appropriate, to share that content in real or in near real-time via social media broadcasts (‘streams’ or ‘streaming’) while limiting the risks associated with allowing photography, filming, and streaming in MGM Resorts’ gaming establishments.”

Players are not allowed to use their cell phones or any other device that would aid in influencing the games, however.

According to, “while MGM is loosening its etiquette rules for patrons, company officials say guests still cannot leave any object on the table for an extended period of time, carry on prolonged phone conversations while seated, and must not take photos or videos of gaming equipment such as card shufflers, card shoes, roulette wheels, and surveillance cameras.”

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