MSC Cruises Adds Brand New Entertainment Offerings on MSC Euribia

MSC Cruises Adds Brand New Entertainment Offerings on MSC Euribia

MSC Cruises announced it would bring the award-winning kids and family offerings on the cruise line’s latest flagship, MSC Euribia.

Set to sail in June, MSC Euribia’s new kids’ area will feature 700 square meters of interior space dedicated to kids and teenagers with seven rooms, each catered to different age groups from babies to 17 years. Two rooms will be devoted to sustainability and educating children on the importance of the environment, and one to technological innovation in our digital age.


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Highlights of the children and teenager options available on the new ship include Baby Club Chicco Eco, MSC Foundation Youth Centre, Teens Club Extra Space, World Quest and Caravaggio.

MSC Euribia’s entertainment will operate with extended hours, from 9 a.m. to Midnight.

“We are excited to announce our family-friendly offerings on board MSC Euribia,” MSC Youth Entertainment Senior Manager Matteo Mancini said. “Designed with the latest technology and taking into account current trends, we want to meet the needs of new generations of children and their families for years to come.”

“The onboard entertainment will reflect MSC Euribia’s message of sustainability, with new innovations and environmental components integrated into the cruise experience,” Mancini continued.

Other family entertainment available onboard includes the LEGO Experience on Board, the Z Active sports program, the MasterChef at Sea Juniors experience, MSC Dance Crew competitions, Break the Wall game show, Drone Academy 2.0 and more.

Last month, bookings opened for MSC’s newest 116-night World Cruise, scheduled for departure in January 2025. The voyage features a new itinerary with fifty ports of call across twenty-one different countries, with nineteen days spent in Australia and four embarkation ports: Civitavecchia/Rome, Genoa, Marseille or Barcelona.

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