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MSC Cruises Offering Last-Minute Deal on Holiday Sailing

MSC Cruises has joined the cast of travel partners offering up deals, incentives, and freebies ahead of the holidays.

In a truly last-minute deal, MSC is having a singular sale on one of its ships for what is averaging out to be just $24 a day, according to The Points Guy.


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The itinerary in question is for five nights sailing out of Marseille, France, and cruising the Mediterranean starting in December. It’s legitimate, but as with any sale, there is a twist. The sailing begins December 22, meaning you’ll be cruising on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

But this is a true sale in every sense of the word. TPG noted that, normally, a cruise during Christmas, especially emanating from Europe, tends to be more on the expensive side. In addition, MSC also has several other inexpensive deals, including a four-night trip to the Bahamas later this month and in November for just under $30 a day.

It’s been an interesting trend that has developed as cruise lines, destinations, and more have courted more business during a period in which there is often a lull between the end of Labor Day and the start of the winter holidays. Hong Kong tourism officials, for instance, are offering free airfare to travel to the region, while a destination in northern Italy will pay for your train ticket if you agree to stay at least two nights in a local hotel.

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