MSC Seascape to Offer the Only TimeVallée Boutique at Sea

MSC Seascape to Offer the Only TimeVallée Boutique at Sea

MSC Cruises’ newest ship, MSC Seascape, will offer a new and exclusive luxury experience when it debuts this December: the only TimeVallée boutique at sea.

TimeVallée is a Geneva-based luxury watch concept offering just over thirty boutiques across key cities like Lucerne, Beijing, Daegu and Barcelona. The TimeVallée store onboard MSC Seascape will feature some of the best luxury brands in the world, including Cartier, Baume & Mercier, Hublot, IWC, Mont Blanc, Panerai and Tag Heuer and will bring the highly exclusive multi-brand experience to a United States audience.


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Brandon Briggs, Senior Vice President of MSC Cruises’ Onboard Revenues, explains the importance of the new partnership in an exclusive interview with TravelPulse: “The TimeVallée concept will elevate and really redefine the cruise industry’s baseline for a luxury watch and fine jewelry experience. It’s an inspirational space, mixing heritage and technology with contemporary luxury. This will be TimeVallée’s first boutique at sea…and they will also showcase more than seven incredible luxury brands onboard. We expect our guests will be enthralled with the new experience.”

The new boutique is an industry first, and it goes hand-in-hand with MSC Seascape’s new entertainment-driven shopping experience, Times Square, a three-story digital retail and entertainment space featuring more luxury offerings, larger store sizes, presentation spaces, natural light, sea views and daily interactivity with guests.

TimeVallée, MSC Cruises, luxury shopping, watches, MSC Seascape
Exterior of the new TimeVallée boutique on the new MSC Seascape. (photo via Ivan Sarfatti)

MSC Cruises’ luxury shopping has grown significantly before and after the pandemic, with the cruise line adding over 23 new luxury brands and doubling luxury business on a per passenger, per day basis in the last five years, according to Briggs.

The cruise line has also been investing in mono-brand boutiques since 2020, which offer a more immersive experience into a single brand. One example of this is the line’s first mono-brand boutique, the Omega boutique onboard the MSC Virtuosa. The ship, along with the MSC Bellissima and MSC World Europa, are the first to offer these mono-brand boutique experiences.

TimeVallée, MSC Cruises, MSC Seascape, watches, luxury shopping
Interior of the new TimeVallée boutique onboard the MSC Seascape. (photo via Ivan Sarfatti)

“Luxury shopping continues growing in popularity, especially post-COVID, and it’s a very relevant component of our onboard experience…Guests are progressively spending more time in our luxury boutiques now, and they’re looking for those special timepieces and and fine jewelry to commemorate a special holiday, or any event they may be celebrating onboard,” continued Briggs.

“On MSC Seascape, that opportunity is being elevated further with TimeVallée. The luxury boutique will be digitally equipped, allowing for self-discovery of the most exclusive watch maisons’ histories and collections, and our new concierge desk in this space will highlight the iconic timepieces for each of the luxury brands.”

MSC Seascape will make its debut in New York City on December 7, 2022, with its official naming ceremony. The ship offers two 7-night itineraries visiting destinations like San Juan, Nassau, Puerto Plata and Cozumel, including Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, the cruise line’s private island experience.

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