New Hotel to Replace Famous Abandoned Hawaiian Resort

New Hotel to Replace Famous Abandoned Hawaiian Resort

by Donald Wood
on April 17, 2023
Last updated: 9:15 AM ET, Mon April 17, 2023

Beach in Kauai

Beach in Kauai (Photo via Eric Lindberg)

A Hawaiian
resort made popular by Elvis Presley in the 1960s will soon be demolished to
make way for a new 350-room hotel.

According to The
Associated Press
, the Coco Palms Resort on the island of Kauai was the
backdrop for the 1961 film Blue Hawaii starring Presley and Joan
Blackman and became a hotspot for Hollywood stars visiting the state.

While the property was held in high regard for years, the
resort was damaged when Hurricane Iniki hit the island in 1992 and fell into disrepair.
While several companies attempted to restore the prestige of the hotel over the
years, all the projects failed.

As a result, Reef Capital Partners managing partner Patrick
Manning said the company is looking to repurpose the 46-acre property with a $250
million construction project that is estimated to take three years to complete.

Manning revealed the company plans to build a new hotel and a
cultural center to honor the property’s history, but Kauai Council Chairman Mel
Rapozo said there is a portion of the local community against the construction
of a resort on the property.

“Even though we know there are many that don’t want it
rebuilt, we intend to be viewed and earn a reputation for doing everything we
can to honor its past and respect the people of Kauai and guests of Kauai and
how we manage its future,” Manning told The AP.

Earlier this month, Hawaii’s state government revealed it
would consider a new law requiring tourists to pay for a yearlong
to visit parks and trails as part of an effort to offset the damage
done by travelers to the coral reefs, dolphin habitats and other environmental

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