New Study Finds Most Trusted Brands in Travel and Hospitality

New Study Finds Most Trusted Brands in Travel and Hospitality

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 9:50 AM ET, Thu June 1, 2023

A new survey found the most trusted brands in travel and
hospitality, with hotels and digital planning tools dominating the list for

According to Morning Consult’s Most
Trusted Brands
report, the top-ranked travel brands this year are very similar
to the results from last year, as the travel and hospitality category enjoys relatively
high trust among consumers, trailing only food and beverage and health care
in overall trust levels.

Holiday Inn took the No. 1 overall spot in the rankings,
followed by AAA Travel, Marriott, Hilton and TripAdvisor rounding out the Top
5, respectively. The remainder of the Top 10 includes Hyatt, Expedia, Best
Western, United Airlines and Comfort Inn.

“Inflation definitely played a role in this year’s Most
Trusted Travel & Hospitality Brands list,” Morning Consult analyst Lindsey
Roeschke said. “Economic concerns are casting a cloud over travelers’ plans,
but after multiple years of travel restrictions and regulations, people don’t
want high prices to be yet another barrier keeping them at home, so they’re
actively seeking ways to save money on travel.”

“This means looking for budget-friendly hotels and utilizing
third party booking sites to research and price compare, propelling those
brands to the top of the list of most trusted brands,” Roeschke continued. 

While trust in travel and hospitality brands is strong,
airlines have experienced declining consumer trust through post-pandemic travel
surges and major disruptions. Along with confidence, perceived value and net
promoter scores for U.S. carriers have also dropped.

As for the car rental industry, companies within the
category have a net trust of 26 points, five points higher than airlines and nine
points higher than cruise brands. However, each rental car brand ranks lower
among millennials than the general population.

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