New Study Reveals Airline Passengers' Top Priorities

New Study Reveals Airline Passengers’ Top Priorities

A new study found the top concerns for airline passengers in the post-pandemic landscape are focused on simplification and convenience.

According to the 2022 Global Passenger Survey (GPS) from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), 75 percent of respondents said proximity to the airport was a main priority, while 39 percent said ticket price was the most important.


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Another 82 percent of travelers said they were satisfied being able to pay with their preferred payment method, and having access to planning and booking information in one place was identified as a top priority.

Immigration requirements discouraged 37 percent of travelers from visiting a particular destination, with the complexity highlighted as the main deterrent by 65 percent of travelers, 12 percent citing costs and eight percent referencing time. To speed up the airport arrival process, 83 percent of travelers said they would share their immigration information.

Data showed that 93 percent of passengers are interested in a special program for trusted travelers to expedite security screening, while 75 percent want to use biometric data instead of passports and boarding passes.

Passengers are also interested in more options for baggage handling, with 67 percent saying they would utilize home pick-up and delivery and 73 percent ready for remote check-in options. Another 80 percent said they would be more likely to check a bag if they could monitor it throughout the journey.

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