New United Airlines App Feature Automatically Re-Books Flights, Provides Meal and Hotel Vouchers

New United Airlines App Feature Automatically Re-Books Flights, Provides Meal and Hotel Vouchers

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 10:30 AM ET, Thu June 22, 2023

United Airlines announced a new mobile app feature that
gives travelers personalized re-booking options, bag tracking information and
meal and hotel vouchers when eligible if their flight is delayed or canceled.

The carrier revealed that nearly 50 percent of United customers
already turn to the app or the airline’s website to self-serve during
disruptions, so officials began beta testing the new feature at the end of 2022.

Data from the test suggested that customers responded well
to having alternate travel options automatically served to them in the app and
that airport employees appreciated reducing the number of people physically
waiting in line.

“Our goal is to get our customers to their destination on
time, but we know things don’t always go as planned and that’s when a tool like
this can make a real difference,” United Chief Customer Officer Linda Jojo

“Our new mobile app feature offers more transparency, saves
time and reduces stress for our customers, and it shortens lines at customer
service desks so our employees can better assist passengers with complex issues
or questions,” Jojo continued. “Plus, it’s another example of United’s
continued investment in new technology and tools.”

When a flight is delayed by more than 60 minutes or
canceled, travelers will automatically see options for delays and cancellations
on the home screen of the United mobile app, which allows them to receive
notifications, check re-booking status, track bags and view eligible vouchers.

For those without the airline’s app, the self-service tool
is accessible on a mobile device or computer at, and passengers
still have the option to connect in-person with a customer service agent.

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