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Pilot Forced To Deliver Stern and Unusual Announcement

This is sort of like a dad turning around in the car and telling the kids in the backseat to knock it off, with some notable exceptions.

In this case, the dad is a Southwest Airlines captain.


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The car is a commercial airline jet and the kids are the passengers, one of whom was being quite naughty.

And, yes, the pilot threatened to turn the plane around.

The unidentified Southwest pilot used the public address system on a recent flight to admonish a passenger who was using the Apple AirDrop function on an iPhone to send nude pictures to anyone in the cabin who also had an iPhone.

“Quit sending naked pictures!” the pilot said over the public address system, a stern warning and certainly one of the stranger announcements made during a flight. “People do realize kids can have iPhones too, right?”

The exchange was reported by Daily Dot of a TikTok video that has since gone viral shot by passenger Teighlor Marsalis last week. It has since captured more than 2 million views, with many people making comments similar to that of a dad having to yell at his kids. While the plane was still on the ground, the pilot said that if the passenger continued to send nude photos via AirDrop that he would have no choice but punish everybody by going back to the gate, calling security, and having everyone disembark.

“Vacation is going to be ruined,” the pilot says. “Whatever that AirDrop thing is, quit sending naked pictures, and let’s get yourselves to Cabo.”

While the incident might be unusual, it wasn’t original in this era of naughty passengers.

Apparently, a man was arrested earlier this year for using AirDrop to send lewd photos to fellow passengers, according to Daily Dot.

The flight did continue on to Cabo.

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