Popular Cruise Destination Asks Ships to Stop Sounding Horns

Popular Cruise Destination Asks Ships to Stop Sounding Horns

Invergordon, Scotland is a popular cruise destination on the North Sea. It has a long and glorious tradition of having cruise ships blare their horns upon leaving the port.

But now one person may end all that.

After just one complaint, officials in the town have told cruise ships not to blare their horns upon departure, a tradition in the Scottish town, among other ports. It is served by Viking, Holland America, and several other cruise lines.

Why town officials are acting after just a single complaint remains to be seen. The port of Invergordon welcomed 109 cruise ships carrying more than 166,000 people last year.

“If people feel strongly for or against the ships’ farewell horn blasts, we urge them to share their feedback with their local community council or directly with the port before June 29 so that this can be taken into account. If the communities of Cromarty and Nigg feel strongly about them sounding their horns as they leave the firth, we will respect the wishes they express and advise the cruise ship operators accordingly,” said a spokesman for the port authority.

Cromarty and Nigg are neighboring towns. Toria Anderson, a Cromarty resident, started a petition to keep the tradition of the horns intact.

“There are those who see the horns as unwanted noise, while others consider it a part of the local charm. Some have a musical horn and a funky tune. It is a signal to say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye.’ Many people look forward to the area’s cruise ship season,” she said.

More than 1,200 people have signed the petition so far to keep the tradition alive. The Port Authority of Scotland will make the final decision. It said it will take into account various factors, including noise pollution, the feelings of the community, and the long-standing tradition of cruise ships blaring their horn when they leave port as a sign of farewell.

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