Princess Announces Ship Restarts for 2022

Princess Cruises Adding New Privileges To Premium All-Inclusive Packages

Princess Cruises has just announced new upgrades to its premium all-inclusive packages, with significant enhancements coming soon to its Princess Plus and Princess Premier add-on packages.

Fresh inclusions to these top two all-inclusive tiers will consist of an enticing combination of new onboard indulgences, and premium health and wellness offerings. Enhancing the value of each premium package will provide guests with savings of nearly 60 to 70 percent, compared to purchasing components individually.


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“Adding more content to our much sought-after Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages with the addition of premium experiences including fitness and indulgences not only guarantees an exceptional onboard experience, but also ensures our guests have maximum options and superior value when vacationing with Princess,” Princess Cruises President John Padgett said in a statement.

The newly elevated Princess Plus and Princess Standard packages will be available on bookings made after December 14, 2022, for sailings departing on or after February 20, 2023.

On voyages taking place after February 20, the line will roll out a series of decadent new Princess Premium desserts, spanning such sweet confections as gelato, pastries and candy infusions, which will be included in both the Princess Plus and Premier packages. The newly contrived treats will be available onboard at the Gelateria, Swirls, or Coffee and Cones venues.

Then, when it comes time to work off those vacation calories, premium package guests will also enjoy access to an expanded selection of first-rate fitness activities, thanks to Princess Cruises’ recently announced exclusive partnership with Xponential Fitness, the world’s biggest franchiser of boutique high-end fitness brands. Starting in February, the line will offer complimentary Pure Barre, Yoga Six and Stretch Lab classes for premium-package passengers; with classes from other premier fitness brands, including Club Pilates, Cycle Bar and Stride, to follow soon after.

With the Princess Plus package, guests pay $60 per person per day, which works out to about 60 percent off the retail value of $140 if components are purchased separately. The newly enhanced package includes:

– Plus Beverage Package,

– Single-device wi-fi plan

– Daily crew appreciation gratuities

– Two premium crafted desserts

– Two fitness classes per day

– Unlimited fresh juices

– Free shipping of Medallions prior to cruises

Princess Cruises' Medallion App
Princess Cruises’ Medallion App. (Photo via Princess Cruises)

At a cost of $80 per person per day, the Princess Premier package also gives guests almost 60 percent off the $140 retail value components purchased separately, or up to $257 per day in total amenity value. Its extra inclusions are:

– Premier Beverage Package,

– Four-device wi-fi plan

– Daily crew appreciation gratuities

– Unlimited premium crafted desserts

– Unlimited smoothies or juices

– Unlimited fitness classes

– Two nights of specialty dining

– Photo package

– Princess Prizes

– Reserved seating in the Princess Theater

– Complimentary Medallion accessory

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