Princess Cruises Announces New Family Activity Zone Coming to Sun Princess

Princess Cruises Announces New Family Activity Zone Coming to Sun Princess

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 9:00 AM ET, Fri June 16, 2023

Princess Cruises announced it would debut a massive family
activity zone on its new Sun Princess ship, dubbed Park19.

Located on decks 19, 20, and 21 of the cruise line’s
upcoming vessel, Park19 will feature nine activities for the entire family to
enjoy in a newly envisioned space, debuting in February 2024.

One of the most significant additions to the family activity
zone is Sea Breeze, the first Rollglider on a cruise ship. Using an overhead
track, guests are seated and harnessed to the electric ride that reaches speeds
of up to 11 miles per hour during the 60-90-second experience.

Other rides and attractions added to Park19 include Coastal
Climb, The Lookout, The Net, Infinite Horizon, Hammock Area, Splash Zone,
Recreational Court and a Jogging Track. 

“Park19 as the name suggests is a new space created for all
our guests, including activities to bring together multi-generational travel
families in a location with spectacular views and fun outdoor activities for
all,” Princess President John Padgett said. “The new area was tailored based on
guest feedback for more family and group activities spaces.”

Additional family-centric offerings onboard Sun Princess are
found in the Youth & Teen Centers located on decks six and seven, such as Firefly
Park, Neon Grove and The Underground. Babysitting options are also available. 

“These expanded offerings give younger cruisers plenty to
explore and enjoy aboard Sun Princess, creating an even more family-friendly
experience with something for everyone regardless of age,” Padgett continued.

Like all Princess ships, Sun Princess is a MedallionClass
ship that will help families stay connected on board via the OceanCompass
shipmate locator and chat feature. The vessel will also offer MedallionNet,
making sharing photos and videos easier via social media.

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