Princess Cruises to Offer Global Martial Arts Experiences at Sea

Princess Cruises to Offer Global Martial Arts Experiences at Sea

Princess Cruises has partnered with martial arts industry leaders FUJI Sports and FUJI Mats to become exclusive partners in martial arts competitions, seminars and events at sea, including one themed cruise.

The first “Princess and FUJI Adventures Cruise” sails January 7-14, 2023 on the Sky Princess. Sailing from Fort Lauderdale with stops at Princess Cays, San Juan, Amber Cove and Grand Turk, the cruise will feature martial arts experts and Olympians to engage families and martial arts enthusiasts with seminars, networking opportunities, family competitions, co-branded gear and even culinary demonstrations.


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“Princess connects people, places and cultures around the world with amazing experiences, and we’re confident this Princess and the FUJI Adventures Cruise will be an unforgettable week at sea with fantastic food, beverage and entertainment,” said John Padgett, President of Princess Cruises.

“Princess welcomes the leading brand in martial arts with millions of enthusiasts worldwide on special event cruises and to enjoy Princess cruises going forward for all their leisure travel vacations. It is a privilege to host a multi-generational multi-cultural global community focused on health, discipline, learning and wisdom.”

FUJI Sports and FUJI Mats is co-owned by Lia Hatashita and two-time Olympic Bronze Medalist and judo world champion, Jimmy Pedro.

“Martial Arts is one of my life’s passions and I share this bond across friends, families and professional engagements,” said Pedro. “This partnership with Princess recognizes the significance and multi-generational reach of the martial arts community and elevates our ability to progress our mission to share martial arts experiences in fun and unique ways.”

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