Queen Mary Ready To Welcome Back Guests

Queen Mary Ready To Welcome Back Guests

Few among us have been able to say that they have set sail on the Queen Mary.

It was commissioned in 1934 and, arguably, remains the most iconic chip in the world. But it is docked in Long Beach, California now, and serves as a floating hotel. After a refurbishment that took three years, the Queen Mary is set to accept guests beginning Friday, May 12.

The ship will host a formal grand opening event in June and bring back weekend brunch in July. 

Now 89 years old, it is a true treat to stay aboard the luxury liner, especially when it seemed destined to head toward ocean liner heaven just three years ago. But the city of Long Beach and the Port of Long Beach made significant investments in keeping the historical ship afloat. Even if it’s not going to sail again. The Queen Mary even predates the hierarchy of Queen Elizabeth, and with the coronation of King Charles III less than a week ago, it is top of mind.

There was a $12 million investment by the city of Long Beach and the Port of Long Beach.

Organizers said the history and charm of the original ship have been preserved. The Queen Mary was not only a luxury liner, but it served as a troop ship during World War II. Organizers said the restoration alone cost $5 million, including updated electricity.

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