Rental Escapes Extends $5,000 Travel Advisor Bonus Commission, Details New Tools

Rental Escapes Extends $5,000 Travel Advisor Bonus Commission, Details New Tools

Rental Escapes is extending its bonus commission for travel advisors through the end of June, rewarding advisors with up to $5,000 in bonus commissions for bookings made between June 1-30, 2023, for visits before December 31, 2024.

Additionally, the full-service luxury villa company shared details on a handful of new tools offered to travel advisors, including a new monthly newsletter, a white label site, live monthly webinars and opportunities to participate in “Wednesdays with Willie.”

The white label site allows travel advisors to share Rental Escapes’ portfolio of villas which includes photos, descriptions, pricing and availability. Meanwhile, weekly Wednesdays With Willie sessions provide a one-on-one opportunity to connect directly with Rental Escapes’ Chief Marketing Officer to learn how to sell and market villas.

Advisors can also sign up for Rental Escapes’ monthly newsletter featuring alerts about new programs.

Click here to find links for the white label site, live webinars and Wednesdays with Willie.

“At Rental Escapes, it is important we constantly provide new tools to help our travel advisor partners grow their business,” Rental Escapes Chief Marketing Officer Willie Fernandez said in a statement. “Our travel advisors are at the center of everything we do at Rental Escapes, therefore we are excited to share the extension of the bonus commission offer along with enhanced opportunities to grow their sales and earn free villa stays.”

On top of this month’s bonus commission offer, advisors participating in Rental Escapes’ rewards program can earn free villa vacations, accruing reward points for every $1 booked that can later be redeemed for personal travel.

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