Rental Escapes Launches 10-Year Anniversary Concierge Credit Offer for 2023 Travel

Rental Escapes Launches 10-Year Anniversary Concierge Credit Offer for 2023 Travel

WHY IT RATES: Guests who book a Rental Escapes luxury villa for 2023 can enjoy a bonus in concierge credit of up to $2,500, to be spent on excursions, customizable amenities and more. — Lacey Pfalz, Associate Writer, TravelPulse

In the countdown to its 10-year anniversary this December, full-service luxury villa company Rental Escapes today announced a special offer providing travelers with the opportunity to receive a credit of up to $2,500 for experiences or services booked through the company’s concierge team. The promotion will be applied to any new bookings made throughout the month of November 2022 with a check-in date occurring before December 31, 2023.

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“As we approach the end of the year, many travelers are getting a head start on planning and booking their ideal villa stays for 2023,” said Willie Fernandez, chief marketing officer of Rental Escapes. “With this concierge credit offer, our personal concierge team is excited to work with our guests to assist with all of their needs and ensure it’s one of their most memorable trips of all time.”

Upon booking a luxury villa rental with Rental Escapes, every guest is appointed their own personal concierge team who can help manage various aspects of their trip. The personal concierge provides guests with exclusive access to a wide range of unique services and activities to truly customize each stay and provide an elevated vacation experience. From arranging a private yacht charter to a secluded beach or having a private villa chef for an intimate oceanfront dinner, the personal concierge is able to organize any additional amenities that the guest desires.

Travelers interested in taking advantage of Rental Escapes’ $2,500 concierge credit offer are encouraged to contact their preferred travel advisor.

SOURCE: Rental Escapes press release.

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