Research Shows European Summer Trips Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Research Shows European Summer Trips Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Travel insurance aggregator released new research that shows travel to Europe is beginning to rival 2019 levels.

In fact, more U.S. tourists are heading to Europe this summer than any other destination.


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Before the pandemic, approximately 50 percent of all summer trips insured through Squaremouth were travel to Europe. Now, Squaremouth has found that, for 2022, travel to Europe peaks in September at 51 percent, and then again next summer at 52 percent of all trips booked.

Squaremouth’s research found that, while the top countries insured for summer travel in Europe were Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Greece, Germany and Ireland prior to the pandemic, it is different now.

In 2022, more travelers are insuring trips to Italy and Greece than in years prior to the pandemic. The U.K. and Germany appear slightly less popular than they were in 2019.

Not surprisingly, trips to Europe cost more post-pandemic. The average cost of a summer trip to Europe this year is $7,819, according to Squaremouth’s data. This is $1,000 more than it was in 2019.

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