Richard Branson Announces Consolidated Virgin Hotels Collection Brand

Richard Branson Announces Consolidated Virgin Hotels Collection Brand

Sir Richard Branson announced that his Virgin Group and Virgin Limited brands would come together under the new parent brand named Virgin Hotels Collection.

The two brands will also be joined under the Virgin Hotels Collection brand by Virgin Residences, with plans to boast a significant growth strategy to add more city locations, resorts and residences.


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“I’m thrilled that we are bringing Virgin Limited Edition and Virgin Hotels together under the Virgin Hotels Collection brand,” Branson said. “Two incredible teams that share a deep passion for creating unrivalled and unique customer experiences whilst making a positive impact on people and the planet.”

Virgin Hotels CEO James Bermingham will be tasked with taking the helm of the new Virgin Hotels Collection brand, starting on April 1.

The new brand will continue Virgin Hotels’ significant global growth strategy, which includes resort destinations and residences, having already seen six city hotels open and two more set to open in 2023.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to say an enormous thank you to of course our people, all our past, present, and future guests along with, our loyal trade partners across the globe, who have helped make our brands into the success they are today,” Bermingham said. “I very much look forward to continuing this journey even further, developing joint opportunities as we proudly bring these incredible brands together.”

Virgin Hotels Collection will focus on accelerating the growth of both brands, to offer a truly differentiated customer experience, while continuing to make a meaningful contribution to the communities and destinations where its brands operate.

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