Singapore Airlines Rolls Out New Cabin Products for Return to 737 MAX Flights

Singapore Airlines Unveils New Ad Campaign

Singapore Airlines is touting itself as a true international carrier in a new ad campaign that includes runs on television, print, digital, out-of-home and social media platforms.

Using the new tagline, “Welcome to World Class,” the airline has already made appearances on Western American television and expects to go worldwide within weeks.


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Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew is featured in the 90-second campaign video, highlighting their varied and personal experiences with people and cultures worldwide. Directed by filmmaker Liz Murphy, the video was filmed in Singapore; Auckland, New Zealand; Barcelona, Spain; Mumbai, India; and Shanghai, China.

“At Singapore Airlines, service excellence is deeply ingrained in our DNA and our customers are at the heart of everything we do,” Singapore Airlines Executive Vice President Lee Lik Hsin said. “This campaign highlights our unwavering commitment to deliver a world-class travel experience, no matter the duration of the journey.”

“Our award-winning cabin crew are central to this promise, with their rich and diverse experiences, as well as their dedication to customer service, having a positive impact on everyone around them,”

The carrier has always been a critical favorite and won numerous awards for its service. Now, company officials are looking to take advantage of the wanderlust to travel as COVID begins to dissipate worldwide and restrictions are lifted.

In the campaign’s print portion, Singapore Airlines noted that the territory is quarantine-free.

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