Sonesta Added 74 Franchised Properties in 2022

Sonesta Added 74 Franchised Properties in 2022

Last year, Sonesta International Hotels Corporation added 74 properties to its franchised collection, which expanded the company’s worldwide reach to upward of 8,500 guest rooms.

Sonesta Franchising was unveiled in 2021 as “a complete platform of franchise services, hotel operations and franchise support,” Sonesta said.


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“Sonesta had significant success in 2022, growing our global footprint with new franchisee signings and hotel openings,” said Keith Pierce, the company’s executive vice president, and president of franchise & development at Sonesta.

“Our franchise growth was driven by our expanded capabilities, our development of a rapid and seamless process to transition hotels to the Sonesta portfolio and our ability to forge strong relationships with franchisees.”

Earlier this year, Sonesta, which features 17 brands, debuted its “Famous Yet Nameless” campaign and added The James, The Royal Sonesta and Sonesta Essential brands “as development growth verticals,” the company said.

“As a growing hospitality company, Sonesta has an in-depth understanding of markets across the country, which we can leverage to promote the success of our franchisees,” said Brian Quinn, Sonesta’s chief development officer.

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