Southwest Apologizes to Employees over Workload

Southwest Airlines Announces Resources for Flight Cancellations, Refunds and Lost Baggage

Following a devastating week for Southwest Airlines in which it was forced to cancel thousands of flights without warning and leave passengers stranded at airports across the country, the airline’s Chief Commercial Officer Ryan Green issued yet another apology and provided new resources for travelers to receive refunds, rebook their canceled flights or find their lost luggage.

The new resource is available on Southwest Airlines’ website and offers an easy way to request a refund, by submitting a short form that includes the reservation confirmation number of the canceled flight and first and last name. Another form is available under FAQs for lost luggage.

The page also promises that the airline will honor expenses relating to meals, lodging and transportation due to these cancellations, receipts of which should be emailed to Southwest Airlines. Impacted travelers are also now able to rebook in their original class of service or travel standby through January 2, 2023.

“You know by now all of the flexibility and planning that we put in place to deal with the storm just wasn’t enough,” said CCO Ryan Green. “My apology is the first step of making things right after many plans changed and experiences fell short of your expectations of us. We’re continuing to work to make this up to you, and you’ll hear more about that soon.”

As of 11 a.m. ET Thursday, Southwest continues to operate at less than half of its schedule, with flight-tracking website reporting 2,361 cancellations by the low-cost carrier.

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