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Southwest Airlines Offers Free Bags and, Apparently, Free Ukuleles

Southwest Airlines prides itself on its industry differentiation in offering two free check bags to all passengers. Now the carrier apparently is giving away something else for free.



And free onboard lessons, to boot.

The airline known for its humor and levity was at it again last week. Southwest partnered with Guitar Center, a worldwide retailer of the string instrument, and handed out a free ukulele to every passenger who boarded a flight from Long Beach, California, to Honolulu.

Even better, according to The Points Guy website, there were free onboard lessons to learn how to play the instrument.

“I’ve taught students through Guitar Center Lessons since 2014, but never in an airplane,” Alexandra Windsor, educational affairs specialist for Guitar Center Lessons, told TPG. “It was inspiring to see how quickly passengers of all ages picked up the ukulele — many with no musical background. It shows just how fun and easy learning something new can be.”

Why the ukulele? Why not? Southwest had a chance to promote its service to Honolulu, it was a cool publicity stunt, and what says ‘Hawaii’ more than a ukulele? Every passenger got to take their travel-sized instrument with them, along with a carrying base and a free goodie bag.

“Surprise and delight events are a unique way to create memorable experiences,” said Brandy King, Southwest’s senior director of public relations. “Today’s celebration of Hawaiian culture and Southwest Hospitality underscore our everyday commitment to serve and celebrate the spirit of Aloha.”

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