Southwest Airlines Orders Up Espresso

Southwest Airlines Orders Up Espresso

Coffee, tea…or espresso?

Yes, on some Southwest Airlines flights, you can now order the delicacy as a drink, even if you’re going to Mexico or Canada.


Espresso, including the cream, will be served on about 4,000 Southwest flights per day, spanning over 100 destinations in 42 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

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In fact, there are only about 10 destinations the carrier serves that it does not offer espresso.

According to the airline, the espresso is made by Community Coffee’s Espresso and includes Cream iced coffee available onboard for customers to purchase for $4. Community Coffee has been the official inflight coffee of Southwest since 2016.

Data from statistics company Mintel—which specializes in food and beverage sales—showed that 42 percent of Gen Z drinks iced beverages, fueling the airline’s commitment to improved offerings.

Earlier this month, Southwest extended its flight schedule through October 4, 2023, with two more seasonal routes, adding flights from Long Beach starting on September 9.

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