Spirit Airlines Adding Seven New Routes From Philadelphia

Spirit Airlines Reveals Record-Setting Summer Flight Performance

Spirit Airlines announced its operational performance ranked among the industry’s best this summer.

During the period between June 5 and August 5, Spirit operated more than 44,000 domestic and international flights and delivered a completion factor of 99.2 percent that ranked No. 3 in the United States airline industry.


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In addition to setting a company record for its highest-ever completion factor performance for July, the airline outperformed all major legacy airlines, including 25 days of 100 percent completion factor.

“These great results are among the best in the industry and are due to the relentless dedication of our Spirit Family,” Spirit Chief Operating Officer John Bendoraitis said. “Our team rose to the occasion to serve record numbers of summer travelers and work through industry challenges to deliver a high value experience for our guests.”

In total, 77.5 percent of Spirit flights arrived within 14 minutes of their scheduled arrival time, which is the standard “A14” industry metric, which helped the carrier rank No. 4 among U.S. carriers.

Last month, JetBlue Airways announced it would purchase Spirit, a deal struck less than 14 hours after Spirit shareholders rejected a merger deal with Frontier Airlines. JetBlue had been trying to acquire Spirit since April.

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