Spirit Airlines Seems To Have Resolved Its Issues

Spirit Airlines Seems To Have Resolved Its Issues

Spirit Airlines, beset for the better part of the last two weeks with the perfect storm of technology issues, weather challenges and staffing shortages, looks like it turned a corner on Tuesday.

Spirit had to cancel just 16 flights on Tuesday according to CNBC – just two percent its scheduled flights on that day – and well below the hundreds per day Spirit had been suffering since the beginning of August.


The carrier canceled more than 2,000 flights since July 31, causing chaos at several airports and infuriating customers, particularly those who were stranded at airports with little to no other flight options.

In fact, the very model by which Spirit has succeeded – no frills, low fares – was part of the problem why the airline was slammed all at once.

CEO Ted Christie last week apologized for the disruptions and said management should have canceled more flights earlier to stop the issues from dragging out.

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