Spirit Airlines Takes Delivery of First Airbus A321neo Plane

Spirit Airlines Takes Delivery of First Airbus A321neo Plane

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 1:00 PM ET, Mon June 5, 2023

Spirit Airlines unveiled its first Airbus A321neo aircraft
during a ceremony at the carrier’s maintenance hangar in Detroit.

The aircraft, N702NK, will operate its first commercial
flight on June 7, with Spirit planning to accept seven more new A321neos in
2023. Another 24 are projected for delivery in 2024 in addition to other A320
Family aircraft deliveries.

The airline already operates one of the youngest and most
fuel-efficient fleets in the industry, and adding the A321neo, coupled with fuel-saving
Sharklet wingtip devices, will provide 20 percent more fuel efficiency than the
existing A321ceo aircraft.

“Adding this new variant of the A320 Family aircraft to our
fleet is a feat that has been years in the making,” Spirit CEO Ted Christie
said. “I’m grateful for all our team members who made it possible for us to
step up our capabilities and open the door to new horizons for Spirit.”

“We know our guests enjoy the brand-new plane experience
combined with our latest cabin upgrades, and on the business side of the
equation, this transition will increase our average gauge, which will drive
efficiencies that benefit unit costs and reduce fuel burn,” Christie continued.

The A321neo offers expanded seating capacity and cabin
upgrades, as well as boasting an additional 500 nautical miles in range, which opens
new destination opportunities. The planes’ Pratt & Whitney GTF engines reduce
fuel burn and carbon emissions by 16 percent.

In addition, Spirit’s fleet renewal process also includes selling
29 of its A319ceo aircraft, all of which will be transitioned out of the fleet
by the end of 2025.

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