The Best Places for Yoga and Meditation in South America

The Best Places for Yoga and Meditation in South America

Meditation and yoga are two perfect formulas to maintain a healthy life and balance between body and soul. For those looking to energize and recover the necessary harmony, South America offers spots to find the relaxation and connection needed to recharge positive energy and break the stressful daily routine.

Here are some of the most recommended South American sites to regain balance through yoga and meditation.


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Cerro Uritorco, Argentina

This town in the province of Córdoba offers a unique landscape that has made it one of the favorite places for those seeking relaxation with the practice of yoga, tai chi, and a series of wellness techniques, as well as alternative therapies.

In this quiet, meditative place, stands the renowned Shobogenji Zen Temple, the first in Latin America dedicated to Buddhist practices and a retreat for the local and international shanga community. Yoga enthusiasts enjoy this discipline surrounded by lush vegetation and extensive wildlife that lives in this wide valley, which also has rocky slopes that invite contemplation. Several tour operators offer three-day packages at this magnificent site that include Buddhist meditation, mantra workshops, Hatha yoga, and reading Buddhist texts, among others.

Búzius, Brazil

This fantastic place of Rio de Janeiro is located between the beach and the mountains, two perfect places for relaxation and the connection of body and soul. Yoga practitioners find in Lumiar, a natural area protected by the Brazilian government, the necessary elements for meditation with the clean air of the Atlantic Ocean.

The extraordinary beaches of golden sand and crystal clear waters are perfect for long yoga sessions and then visit the various restaurants of the place that offer a lot of quality gastronomic options. Hatha yoga retreats include meditation, shamanic healing, mantra bonfire, vegetarian meals, relaxing massages, and nights of accommodation, among others.

Many places in South America are wellness sanctuaries where travelers find spiritual peace with meditation in the middle of nature. (Photo courtesy of kieferpix/iStock/Getty Images Plus).

Isla del Rosario, Colombia

This site, located in Cartagena, is one of the most popular retreat spots in Colombia because it’s away from the noise of the cities and perfect to disconnect from the daily routine. Tierra Bomba is one of the islands of this archipelago where visitors can travel by boat to reach ideal beaches for practicing yoga and enjoying fresh seafood.

There are lots of places where travelers enjoy excellent massages, ecological tours, natural aquariums, and outdoor meals, among others. There are also several detox spiritual retreats including yoga sessions, oriental dances, meditations, mantras, and relaxation in a natural environment of amazing views and biodiversity.

Tarapoto, Peru

The lovers of wellness tourism find in this Amazonian paradise of the region of San Martin, the perfect place to relax and establish direct contact with the most exuberant nature. Here travelers have a wide range of spaces offering relaxing experiences to enjoy long yoga and meditation sessions.

Tour operators offer experiences including yoga, detox sessions, reiki, spiritual retreats, massages, group walks, and vegetarian food, among others. In addition, visitors can tour the area to reach fantastic places such as Huacamaillo Falls, the Beaches of Cumbaza, and the Thermal Baths of Paucaryacu, to mention a few.

Yoga lessons
South America has several yoga centers where people enjoy long meditation sessions and healing experiences. Yoga lessons. (Photo via AMResorts).

Lago Rupanco, Chile

Chilean Patagonia is a magical place to restore the connection and balance between body and soul. Thanks to the tranquility offered by Lago Rupanco (Lake Rupanco), visitors find the perfect conditions to relax and meditate in an environment free from the pollution of the city.

In this place is the Anandaji Yoga Center which stands out for its extraordinary view where tourists, in addition to enjoying a great healing experience, have at their disposal delicious gastronomic options prepared with organic products as well as places to experience long meditation sessions in front of the magical view of Volcán Puntiagudo (Pointed Volcano).

Here, in addition to yoga classes and self-awareness and wellness sessions, travelers find lodging in lakefront huts with breakfast, lunch, and dinner services including menus with vegan, vegetarian and white meats.

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