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The Essential Saudi Arabia: Must-See Attractions

Planning a journey to Saudi Arabia can feel overwhelming, particularly if you have never visited before. There are so many destinations and sites to choose from within the Kingdom, many of which are located away from major Saudi travel hubs like Riyadh and Jeddah. There are also five unique UNESCO World Heritage sites to choose from, each playing its own part in the history of this unique region of the world.

That said, travel to Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to be complicated. You can plan out your own itinerary that takes you exactly where you want to go, but there are also guided tours of the Kingdom worth considering if you need some help. Major urban centers in Saudi Arabia even have Uber and taxis readily available to take you where you want to go, and the Kingdom has more than its share of brand-name luxury hotels and resorts.

But, where should you travel in Saudi Arabia? And, what should you see? That really depends on your personal interests and the cultural aspects of the Kingdom you hope to explore. Read on to learn which essential Saudi attractions to add to your travel plans this year.

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