The Growing Luxury Villa Vacation Market: What to Know and How to Sell to Your Guests

The Growing Luxury Villa Vacation Market: What to Know and How to Sell to Your Guests

Luxury travel and villa vacations go hand in hand, and market research shows that both our booming in 2023. This means that, if you are looking to please high-end clients, booking with a partner like Villas of Distinction is ideal.

According to a recent report from Global Market Insights, the luxury tourism market will reach $82 billion by 2030. Couple that with news that the villa rental market continues to boom and now is the time to know how to sell these popular, personalized vacations to your clients.


More than ever, people are looking for camaraderie and they are using travel to facilitate a new sense of belonging after a few years where communing in groups was on the back burner. Girlfriends are planning trips together, affinity groups are booking vacations that build on their interests and families are splurging on adventures that they missed out on. All these cohorts have one thing in common, they want a vacation that exceeds their imaginations and feels personalized, not out of the box.

In fact, a recent study by Virtuoso and YouGov found that 80 percent of travelers would spend more on brands that tailor products to them, making a villa vacation with Villas of Distinction a perfect fit.

Villa Style in Cote d’Azur, France. (photo courtesy of Villas of Distinction)

Villas of Distinction is in the business of creating memories and offers an extensive portfolio of properties that provide more than just luxury villas, but offer clients a home away from home where they can create a vacation that is memorable for a lifetime.

Ease and convenience are two of the keys that ensure high-end trips come off without a hitch, and Villas of Distinction handles the process from start to finish, providing every amenity guests need.

They aren’t just making the lives of their guests easier but streamlining the process for travel advisors, too.

Villas of Distinction offers a dedicated support team, available around the clock. The company also offers competitive and 100% protected commissions on every booking advisors make and they stand behind their advisor partners. They also offer access to a comprehensive villa portfolio in more than 50 destinations around the globe.

Guests can expect the finest, too, with access to some of the world’s most amazing villas, each of which has been fully vetted and inspected. They will also have ample space and amenities for everyone in their group. A dedicated villa staff is on hand to anticipate, serve and meet all guest needs, and a Villa Concierge can craft their escape from start to finish.

Aqua Bay at the Tryall Club in Jamaica
Aqua Bay at the Tryall Club in Jamaica. (photo via Villas of Distinction)

Travel advisors looking to cut their teeth in the growing luxury villa market will have everything they need to market these vacations. Villas of Distinction offers catalogs, social media posts, images, videos, and webinar recordings that provide an in-depth look at the details of villa booking and the destinations clients can travel to.

Travel advisors can get started through Villas of Distinction’s travel advisor portal where they will gain access to all these resources as well as exclusive incentives, an unbranded website and a newsletter.

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