British Virgin Islands Removes COVID-19 Testing Requirements

The Latest on Tourism in the British Virgin Islands

From rebuilding following hurricanes to trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been a wild ride for travel and tourism in the British Virgin Islands.

We recently caught up with British Virgin Islands Director of Tourism Clive McCoy to find out how the recovery path is going, as well as what stands out right now in the luxury travel space for the island.


Clive McCoy has been named the British Virgin Islands’ tourism director.

TravelPulse: As the travel industry begins its recovery path, what’s the latest with British Virgin Islands’ tourism recovery?

Clive McCoy: With the BVI, first thing, all of our COVID-19 protocols for entry have completely relaxed. There’s no testing required to come into the British Virgin Islands and no proof of vaccination is necessary. So now that we got that out of the way, in the BVI we’ve had a few new properties reopen, the Long Bay Beach Resort, The Inn at Cornucopia, also the Bitter End Yacht Club is another one that has reopened and a few others. So, we have a few other properties to choose from now. We have a new charter yacht company in the islands as well, Wayfair chartering. As you know, the BVI is the sailing capital of the world, so we’re very much pleased about that and happy that they’re on board.

The BVI is back. It’s still the most beautiful destination in the world in my opinion, and the destination that I think has the most offer in the Caribbean. We have the four major islands – which are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke – and each one of them has a different vibe, a different mood. We’re looking forward to having folks come down and enjoy destination. It’s been a long two years with COVID, and prior to COVID we had to deal with the Hurricanes and rebuilding, so we got hit with a double whammy and we’re looking forward to the 2023 tourism season to make an impact in the British Virgin Islands.

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TP: Speaking of 2023, how are bookings looking so far for the future?

CM: Based on some of the information that we see from some of our partners, yes, the bookings are looking really good for 2023. We couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

The appetite for travel around the world is increasing and the BVI has not been excluded from that. People are wanting to come to the BVI, and we’re very happy about that.

TP: As we’re here at Virtuoso Travel Week, which is synonymous with luxury travel, I have to ask – where does luxury travel fit into BVI?

CM: Well, the luxury traveler to the BVI should know that we have several properties in the Virgin Islands that we would consider luxury properties – Rosewood Little Dix Bay, Guana Island, and several others. If I sit here and name them all then we’ll be here forever, but we have the type of properties that the luxury traveler would be inclined to booking.

But the most important thing in my opinion is that we have some of the most friendly people. You know, we have the sun, we have to sea, we have the properties, we have all those things that make for a great vacation, but the thing that really makes the BVI a luxury destination is the people.

I can’t tell you how many times I have met people through my travels and we start talking about the British Virgin Islands, and the one thing that really stands out to them is how friendly the people are. And that’s something that we hang our hat on and we’re real happy about that.

TP: What is your message to travel advisors?

CM: The Caribbean has had its challenges just like everywhere else. But the thing about the Caribbean is that we thrive on tourism, that’s our bread and butter. From the north all the way down south, most of the islands in the Caribbean, that is how most people are employed, and we are totally ready for your guests to come and enjoy themselves.

So not just the BVI but all throughout the Caribbean we’re ready, we’re waiting. Come down and enjoy some of that Caribbean culture, the Caribbean food care, Caribbean people. We’re excited to have you, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your guests have an experience that secondary to none.

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