The Mayfair Supper Club Has a New Show at the Bellagio

The Mayfair Supper Club Has a New Show at the Bellagio

There is a new show at the Bellagio. The resort’s landmark Mayfair Supper Club, which overlooks its famous fountains has a new offering for visitors.

The new show, conceived through the collaboration between the team at No Ceilings Entertainment and Bellagio is a creative take on its multi-act production that features new songs, characters, costumes, dance routines and surprise moments, which is the cornerstone of the experience.


“Our guests have been loving The Mayfair’s entertainment program, and asking for more!”, said Ari Kastrati, MGM Resorts International’s Chief Hospitality Officer. “The new production maintains everything audiences love about The Mayfair’s vibe, with a completely fresh entertainment experience. We’ll continue delivering “wow” moments and creating memories for everyone who walks through our doors.”

Guests have fallen in love with the Mayfair Supper Club and keep coming back for more–now they will have something new.

No Ceilings Entertainment cofounder Dennis Jauch noted: “We’re honored to have so many guests return to The Mayfair time and again-they have become regulars and we love it. Whether you are a fan or a first-timer to Mayfair, this production will make for an incredible night out.”

In the new rendition, Claire Souliér appears as “Mae Montgomery,” an embodiment of some of showbiz’s leading ladies such as Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Mae West and Lady Gaga. Jason Martinez stars as “Fred Lowell,” paying homage to Fred Astaire.

The musical track features songs from the jazz era to postmodern jukebox, and the show has an all-new script from Broadway’s own Adam North.

In addition to new music, featured performers and music, are new costumes. The glamorous new looks were hand-selected with exquisite materials, alluring colors and cutting-edge styles.

Travelers are going to want to check this show out since the Mayfair Supper Club was named one of the world’s best new restaurants by Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot 100 list.

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