The Most Affordable Theme Parks To Visit This Summer

The Most Affordable Theme Parks To Visit This Summer

You don’t want to disappoint the kids for summer. But the economy and rising prices present challenges.

While you may not be able to go to Walt Disney World based on skyrocketing ticket prices that vary from day to day, there are many other options for affordable theme and water parks. And you don’t even have to do the research.

Forbes Advisor recently analyzed data on the cost of admission, lodging, food and parking for the 38 most popular parks nationwide. Among their findings:

  • One park that sits right in the middle of a hotbed is a great deal. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix is the most affordable water park. One-day admission costs visitors only $34.99 and median nightly lodging is $255.67 (for a vacation rental that fits 4-8 guests).
  • Hershey Park in Pennsylvania is not only a chocolate lover’s dream, but inexpensive to visit with a one-day admission cost of just $56.99 and median nightly lodging of $189.67 in the park’s vicinity.
  • Two of the top five water parks are located in Florida and two of the top five theme parks are located in Ohio.
  • Water parks tend to be more affordable than theme parks, accounting for eight of the top 10 most affordable parks on the list. The average cost for one-day admission to the water parks is roughly $54, compared to $111 for the theme parks.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood is the least affordable park overall. One-day admission at the park costs a whopping $149 per person (sixth-highest study-wide) and families can expect to spend about $510 for a vacation rental nearby.

Now you can stay wet, cool and it can be affordable.

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